Our Story

Through our father and grandfather, our family has witnessed firsthand the devastation that cognitive decline creates. As sons in this genetic lineage, we knew that unless we acted and took the necessary steps, we would likely suffer the same fate.  
Admittedly, the majority of our own lives has not been conducive to longterm cognitive health.  We have numerous concussions from playing high school football.   Chris was knocked unconscious for several hours during a high school football game. Joe, living as an adventurer/mountaineer/snowboarder, sustained a massive head injury while back-country snowboarding in Colorado, resulting in multiple skull fractures, broken C3 vertebra, and a fractured eye socket. Our “Standard American Diets” left us pre-diabetic and overweight. We both have also been guilty of killing a few brain cells recreationally.
After witnessing our fathers rapid dissension into cognitive decline, we started investigating our own cognitive health through functional medical tests.  The results were frightening.  Genetic testing revealed that we were ApoE4 positive (a genetic marker that indicates a increased likelihood of cognitive decline).  QEEG brain scans indicated damage to the frontal temporal lobes and possible decreased brain activity.  Blood tests have revealed that our diets were deficient in omega 3 fatty acids that are critical for brain function.
The good news from our research is that all of these factors can be rectified through lifestyle changes in diet, supplementation, sleep, stress management, and exercise.  The brain, throughout life, has the capability of repair and growth!  The key is to start the process of providing your brain with energy and nutrients it needs as soon as possible and continuing those habits daily throughout life.
From Australia (Joe) to the United States (Chris), we formed this company to create and bring to market products that can be incorporated into our daily routines that will support the lifestyle of longterm cognitive strength.  Our line of Cognitive Creamers and Toppings are the first in a series of functional innovation combining the most efficacious ingredients with great taste.  We invite you to join us on our journey to Live To Remember!™